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No Sailors Today | Fine Art Print

No Sailors Today | Fine Art Print

This is my 'No Sailors Today' fine art print which comes from a collection of paintings inspired by The Sirens in Greek Mythology.


Whilst living in Kinsale I became inspired by the locals herons and wanted to create a body of work with them. During this time I was a bit obsessed with Greek Mythology and once I found The Sirens it made sense to connect the herons and these fabulous winged mythological creatures together and try to depict their story.


This print is available in this A4 size below with a border edge which includes the title of the print and my signature.


This print comes protected in a plastic free cello bag and supported with card backing.

Each print comes with a little information about me at the back. 

I print on high quality Fine Art 285gsm white paper.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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