No Sailors Today I Fine Art Glass Pendant Necklace

No Sailors Today I Fine Art Glass Pendant Necklace

This is my ‘No Sailors Today’ Fine Art, Handmade, Glass Pendant Necklace.


The image depicted here in this Pendant Necklace is taken from a series that I painted a few years back on The Sirens from Greek Mythology. I just loved their story, how these Sirens were sent out to this island rock in search of someone but whilst there, they used to drive sailor wild when they sailed past. The Sirens Song  affected the sailors so much they would throw themselves overboard. I liked to think of the Sirens inbetween those times, on the nights when they were bored and waiting for sailors to pass by.


This Pendant Necklace is made up of glass, a fine art print, bronze plated zinc alloy and comes with a long 24inch chain. The pendant measures 25mm x 35mm.

All materials are nickel and lead free.

Each chain comes in a beautiful eco friendly, Kraft jewellery box which features my logo and information inside about this piece.

The chain can be connected at any of the links so you can wear according to your preference. If this chain size does not suit then please send me a message and I will do my best to adjust it for you.

This pendant is not waterproof so please be careful when drinking back a wide rim glass of booze with gusto. 


Please contact me if you have any questions