Pasiphae and the Bull

‘Love can be disgusting, cruel and degrading, but even from the most humiliating liaisons, wonderful creatures may be born.’

Germaine Greer

From my research for my thesis I came across the story of Pasiphäe and the Bull and was fascinated. For me this story highlights the crazy lengths that people can go to in order to fulfill desires and obsessions- sometimes crazy enough to transform species!
This story kept unfolding in my mind and gave me many laughs and moments of mortification. Fantastic.

Pasiphäe, Queen of Crete had been put under a curse by Poseidon, Greek God of Sea, to fall madly in lust for a mysterious white bull. She wished to consummate their relationship with the help of the inventor Daedalus. He built a wooden cow for her that was pushed out into the field with Pasiphäe inside in order for the bull to mate with her.

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